Finchi’s by Aunti Rashi – for the love of it.

My mother was a wonderful cook and baker and I was introduced to her fine kitchen with fresh ingredients at a very early age. Her philosophy was to give her children lots of responsibilities which translated into our having confidence in our abilities. She and my father were always quick to compliment my culinary achievements and encouraged me to not only cook but to make sure I decorated everything appropriately. “Remember, the eye must be satisfied first” was a constant reminder.

Rachelle Kassai

To this day, when it comes to cooking, it is rare that I can give an exact measurement for any specific ingredient. I always invite those interested in a recipe to come and join me and observe. I was never taught formally. I learned from watching, listening and reading.

Baking, on the other hand, is more scientific. After getting married, and raising my five wonderful children whilst working in the corporate world, I decided to go with what I loved to do for my family – cooking and baking. I always gave away lots of food, and when one day some of my family and friends suggested I go into business with my “hobby”, I took the leap.

That is how Aunti Rashi’s Goodies was born. I began making chocolate and cinnamon babkes, pound cakes, chocolate cakes, biscotti, banana cakes and of course the gluten-free brownies which enjoyed popularity with everyone who tasted them.

Hard work and much tuition fee went into those early beginnings. I decided to streamline. Having tried so much tasteless and dry, gluten free desserts, I decided there was a need to create quality treats for all individuals including those who are nut, dairy and gluten free.

“Tata”, as my late father was affectionately called, was a connoisseur of quality food, clothing, art, etc. It was his inspiration and reference to my creations as being “Finchi” (from the word finom delicious in Hungarian) that led me to start launching this new gluten free, nut and dairy free line in his memory. He would hold up his elegant hand and look at me with that twinkle in his eye and say, “everything you make is always “a la finchi”. I adored my father who is an inspiration to this day to adhere to quality.

Finchi’s by Aunti Rashi strives to use only the finest European cocoa and chocolate, bourbon vanilla, canola and olive oils and my secret ingredient – “passion”. Both the premium, low fat and sugar free brownies contain no additives, preservatives or chemicals.

We now feature Decadent Chocolate Mousse, Low Fat Decadent Chocolate Mousse and are proud to welcome our latest addition to our line, positively delicious Sugar Free Mousse made with Xylitol and/or Sorbitol.

All of our foods are manufactured under strict supervision at The Oberlanders Factory, a dedicated nut free and dairy free facility that handles wheat located in Belleville, New Jersey.

This venture is, has been, and continues to be, a labor of love. We are constantly developing and improving our recipes to bring quality desserts to our clientele. Thank you for the privilege of bringing some ‘Finchi’s Chocolate Therapy’ into your lives. Enjoy!

If you have any questions regarding our fine products please feel free to contact Rachelle directly.